Family Law

Children are the most important part of any family law matter.  David works with his clients to provide their children safety and the tools to thrive after their parents separate.

The frequency and amount of parenting time, major life decisions, where the children primarily reside, how the children are to be supported economically, decisions regarding college education and division of costs – all of these critical questions are discussed in negotiation, mediation, or litigation.  David helps shepherd his clients through them.

Some cases involving children include significant complications like:  physical abuse of parent or child; sexual abuse of parent or child; emotional/verbal abuse of parent or child; mental illness of parent or child; substance abuse of parent or child; significant control issues of a parent; or the more mundane differing of parenting styles.  David has countless experiences in cases involving all of the above.

Cases may need to come back to court in a few years when involving children – to modify a parenting plan, to increase/decrease support, to enforce a prior order against another parent, or to set commitments regarding college costs.  David can help here too.

Whether a North Shore family law matter or elsewhere throughout the metro Boston area, David Eppley brings compassionate, ethical, and zealous advocacy for his family law clients and their children

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